Ten Reasons to Consider Teeth Whitening

Ten Reasons to Consider Teeth Whitening

1.Prom–  From  April til as late as June is Prom season. Americans spend on average $910 per person for Prom. ($700 on the dress alone.) With so much money being spent on looking good for one night, do not forget to consider whitening your teeth. Prom is no longer just one dance there are several parties often associated with today’s Prom. According to the Prom Index, the cost of Prom is actually falling… 

2.Vacations– Who does not want to look their best on that romantic cruise, or tour of Europe? Think of all the pictures you took on your last trip, and how much more memorable they will be with beautiful brilliant white teeth. Have you ever looked through a photo album and wished your teeth looked brighter?

3. Holidays – Anytime families get together there will be plenty of photos taken. Trying to hide behind taller relatives is not a good look, but do you know what IS a good look? Dazzling White smiles!!!!  Give yourself an early gift this year and have your teeth whitened. The good news is it does not have to take hours sitting in the Dentist chair or break the bank. A few minutes every other night will get your teeth whiter and more stain free than they have ever been, without laser teeth whitening.

4. Summer – Summer is such a fun time usually associated with beaches, BBQ, and warm weather. Finally shedding the winter wardrobe in favor of shorts and t-shirts. Parties and get-togethers for most of us are a weekly occurrence.  Give your teeth a little attention and get rid of the winter staining. 

5. Graduation – Almost 4 million students graduate high school each year in the U.S. Some of them go into the workforce and the rest go on to Universities. (about 2.2 million) Either way, giving your teeth the attention they deserve and whitening them up for college, or to enter the job market is not a bad idea. 

6. Promotion – Job opening above you? Supervisor leaving for another company? You never know when a better opportunity will open up and you need to be ready. Leave nothing to chance when these once in a lifetime opportunities reveal themselves. Dull dingy teeth are for losers, make the best impression possible with a whiter brighter smile. 

 7. You met someone new – Being single was not all it was cracked up to be. You finally met someone worth dating but how do you get their attention? You don’t want their attention if your teeth are dull and stained. Flash a dazzling white smile on the other hand, and they will be putty in your hands. 
8. You will be speaking in public – Anytime you will be getting lots of attention paid to you whether it is live or recorded on video, comb your hair and make sure your teeth look as good as they possibly can. When you know you look your best you get a confidence boost. We could all use a little boost of confidence from time to time.
 9. Family Picture Time – Getting a new family photo taken once a year or so is a great way to track everyone’s growth. It is also a great way to recognize that we are all getting older and age takes its toll. You can turn back the clock a bit in a few minutes a day. My Smile has a Home Kit designed to remove those stains and whiten your smile. Just a 10-15-minute treatment every other day and you will whiten up to eight shades whiter in no time.
10. You notice your teeth are not as white as you would like them to be.  We have all been there. No matter how much you brush and floss the coffee and cola stains are still there. You can either stop drinking coffee (say what?) or you can take a few minutes a week and get your teeth back in order. 

MySmile Home Kits are designed to whiten your smile gently with No Pain, and Zero Sensitivity. Used as directed My Smile is safe and extremely effective at getting rid of your dingy discolored teeth and making them white and bright.

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